Over the last decade, the Jacksonville Jaguars have had very little to cheer about when it comes to their team.  The last time the Jags made the playoffs was 10 seasons ago when they lost to the undefeated New England Patriots 31-20.  Since then the Jags have had some down moments and not a lot to cheer about.  But in the rebuild mode of the team, the Jags have done something which most teams and fans tend not to do, which is have patience.  Over the last few seasons the Jags have done a fantastic job in the draft and in free agency now under the leadership of Tom Coughlin.  Coughlin was the Head Coach for the New York Giants who beat that undefeated Patriots team in the Super Bowl and is not a stranger in Jacksonville. Since the arrival of Coughlin and new Head Coach Doug Marrone, the Jags sit 2nd in the AFC standings!  The Jags over the past two seasons have done extremely well in the draft and free agency under great leadership which has others in the league on notice.  Although the Jags have rebuilt their defense and running game, is the success they are having more to do with the patience they have had with their young QB Blake Bortles?  The National Media has been no friend of Bortles, but let’s look of how good he has been doing in the last six games:

Blake Bortles Over Last 6 Games

Completions: 129


Completion Percentage: 63%

Yards: 1490 (248.3 per game)

Passing TD: 9

Int: 3

Rushes: 25

Yards: 125

Sacks: 10


Over the last six games, the Jags are 5-1 under the direction of Bortles, and his numbers have been very impressive.  Bortles has also been gaining confidence and is using his feet more to gain first downs and to keep drives alive.  Bortles has a total of 51 rushes this season, however 25 of them have come in the last six. Bortles has had ice water in his veins particularly in the last three games with 903 passing yards, 7 Passing Td’s, and completing 71% of his passes!


Even though Bortles has been playing lights out of late, the question will be if the Jags can do the unthinkable and dethrone the current champs in the New England Patriots. But the Jags have something that no other team in the NFL has, and that is the only man who has beaten Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and the New England Patriots in the Superbowl twice!  The arrival of Doug Marrone and Coughlin have seemed to come at the right time for the First Round QB and the Jags!

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