As college football bowl mania kicks off today, here is the #AYS Bowl Picks:


  1. Grambling vs. North Carolina A&T- (Head Up: Grambling Spread: Grambling: +9.5 Confidence Point:1)
  2. Troy vs. North Texas- (Head Up: Troy Spread: Troy -5.5) Coach Brown From Troy
  3. Western Kentucky vs. Georgia State- (Head Up: Western Kentucky Spread: Western Kentucky -4.5)
  4. Boise State vs. Oregon- (Head Up: Oregon Spread: Oregon +7.5) Even Though Coach Taggert Left, The Ducks Got The Coach They Wanted! Watch Who Them Want To Win For Him
  5. Marshall vs. Colorado State- (Head Up: Colorado State Spread: Marshall +5.5) Mike Bobo wont lose three bowl games. First Marshall bowl game in a while
  6. Middle Tennessee vs. Arkansas State- (Head Up: Arkansas State Spread: Arkansas State +3.5)
  7. Akron vs. FAU- (Head Up: FAU Spread: FAU -22.5) Lane Kiffen is the best thing to ever happen to Twitter
  8. Louisiana Tech vs. SMU- (Head Up: Louisiana Tech Spread: Louisiana Tech +5.5) Chad Morris Left For Arkansas, Will SMU be motivated. La Tech Staff doing great job
  9. Temple vs. FIU- (Head Up:FIU Spread: FIU +7.5) Butch Jones Defense IS GOOD!
  10. UAB vs Ohio- (Head Up: UAB Spread: UAB +6.5)
  11. Central Michigan vs. Wyoming- (Head Up: Central Michigan Spread: Central Michigan +1.5)
  12. Texas Tech vs. USF- (Head Up: USF Spread: USF -2.5) Charlie Strong’s offense explosive but defensive minded to stop Kliff Kingsbury
  13. San Diego State vs. Army- (Head Up:San Diego State Spread: SDST -3.5) Rashaad Penny Is The Most Underrated Player In The Nation
  14. App State vs. Toledo- (Head Up: Toledo Toledo Spread: Toledo -7.5)
  15. Fresno State vs Houston- (Head Up: Fresno State Spread: Houston +3.5)
  16. Utah vs. West Virginia- (Head Up: West Virginia Spread: West Virginia +6.5) Expect Will Grier To Play Even After Breaking Finger. Has Been Practicing
  17. Duke vs. Northern Illinois- (Head Up: Northern Illinois Spread: Northern Illinois +4.5) Northern Illinois couldn’t beat good Toledo team but MAC Conference very competitive and Cutcliffe is tired
  18. Kansas State vs. UCLA- (Head Up: Kansas State Spread: Kansas State -2.5) Josh Rosen has big game but not enough
  19. USM vs. Florida State- (Head Up: Florida State Spread: USM) Florida State Still Has Great Talent
  20. Iowa vs. Boston College- (Head Up: Iowa Spread: Iowa -2.5) Really Physical Game
  21. Arizona vs. Purdue- (Head Up: Purdue Spread: Purdue +3.5) Jeff Brohm whips the floor which Rich Rod
  22. Texas vs. Mizzou- (Head Up: Mizzou Spread: Mizzou -1.5) Texas Had To Beat Kansas And Baylor To Get Into Bowl Game And They Are Horrible Teams! No Big Wins Mizzous Scores A lot
  23. UVA vs. Navy (Head Up: Navy Spread: UVA +3.5) Navy Is Coming Off Tough Loss But They Are Playing At Home. UVA Beat Georgia Tech Who Runs Same Offense
  24. Virginia Tech vs. Oklahoma State- (Head Up: Ok State Spread: Ok State -6.5)
  25. Washington State vs. Michigan State- (Head Up: Washington State Spread: Washington State -2.5) Michigan State Hasn’t Beat Anyone Of Prominence
  26. Stanford vs. TCU- (Head Up: Stanford Spread: Stanford: +2.5) TCU Also Has Not Won Any Big Games! Stanford Is To Physical
  27. Wake Forrest vs. Texas A&M- (Head Up: Wake Forrest Spread: Wake Forrest) A&M Wont Be Motivated!
  28. NC State vs. Arizona State- (Head Up: NC State Spread: NC State) Who Will Coach For Arizona State?
  29. Kentucky vs. Northwestern- (Head Up: Kentucky Spread: Kentucky) I Do Not Trust Northwestern And Think They Are Overrated! SEC EAST Is Still Better Than That Roody POO Conference
  30. Utah State vs. New Mexico State-(Head Up: New Mexico State Spread: New Mexico State +3.5)
  31. USC vs. Ohio State- (Head Up: USC Spread: USC: +6.5) Oh Urban
  32. Louisville vs. Mississippi State (Head Up: Louisville Spread: Miss State) Lamar Jackson Could Have Big Game
  33. Iowa State vs. Memphis- (Head Up: Memphis Spread: Memphis: -2.5)
  34. Washington vs. Penn State- (Head Up: Washington Spread: Washington +3.5)
  35. Wisconsin vs. Miami- (Head Up: Miami Spread: Miami +7.5)
  36. Michigan vs. South Carolina- (Head Up: South Carolina Spread: South Carolina +7.5)
  37. UCF vs. Auburn- (Head Up: Auburn Spread: Auburn +9.5)
  38. Notre Dame vs. LSU- (Head Up: LSU Spread: LSU:-2.5)
  39. Georgia vs. Oklahoma- (Head Up: Oklahoma Spread: Oklahoma: +1.5)
  40. Alabama vs. Clemson- (Head Up: Alabama Spread: Alabama +1.5)
  41. Alabama vs. Oklahoma- (Head Up: Oklahoma)

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