As sports fans, do we take for granted the greatness we see every day from today’s superstars?  Future Hall Of Famers are still playing in every major sport, however, if they do not have their “typical numbers”, why do we as a society think it is a disappointment when it is still greatness? Lebron James is in his 15th season in the NBA and is putting up staggering numbers for his hometown team.  Every day when you turn on your television, do you hear of LBJ as the front runner for the MVP?  There is a good chance you do not, and it is because of how comfortable the National media has gotten to the greatness of what Lebron does.  We often forget Lebron is 6’8”, 250 lbs, and is bigger, faster, and stronger than most in the NBA.  Here is a look at Lebron’s numbers, and how they stack up against everyone else in the league:

 Scoring: 28.3 (3rd In NBA)

Assists: 8.7 (3rd In NBA)

FGP: .576 (6th Is The Only Non Big Man In Top 10)

Rebounds: 8.7 (Tied For 23rd)

Steals: 1.41

Blocks: 1.15

3 Pt FGP: .417 (28th this is better than Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson)

Minutes: 1007 (Leads League)

Double/Doubles: 18 (Tied for 3rd in 27 Games)

  After 15 seasons in the NBA, Lebron is far more productive than any other player to ever play in the NBA! To give you an idea, in Kobe Bryant’s 15th season, there is not one statistical category (other than FG attempts) that he would lead Lebron in.  Michael Jordan, who is allegedly the best player of all time, only played 13 season in the NBA.  Lebron James is weeks away from being 33 years old, and looking at him and MJ at the same age, the only statistical categories which Michael would lead Lebron is FGA, and points per game (only by one point).

   Therefore, when Lebron is stacked up against the best players of all time, is it not a question that his greatness is far too overlooked and taken for granted? YOU BETTER WITNESS!

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