On November 12, 2017, around 11:00 am CT, the University of Tennessee fired football Head Coach, Butch Jones, after five seasons.  This is coming off Tennessee’s humiliating loss to SEC East opponent Missouri 50-17.  Jones had a record of 34-27 (14-24 in SEC) in the five years and as most would agree had to rebuild the football program.  However, rumors had been swirling in Knoxville before the firing of Jones of a former Super Bowl winning coach being the replacement for the Vols.

During an interview yesterday, Tennessee Athletic Director, John Currie, was asked  a question about his good friend and Tennessee’s own Jon Gruden.  When asked the question, Currie instantly perked up to the question with a grin and  stated “he could not comment on talks he has had with Jon.”  Now this could be Currie leading on the program to the possibility of getting Gruden,  but just last week Gruden was on The Rich Eisen Show in which he was asked if he would get back into coaching.  Gruden has stated in the past of his love for ESPN and the love he has for Monday Night Football, but Gruden went a different direction when asked this time.  Gruden stated, “if the right opportunity came up in the right location I would strongly consider getting back into coaching.”

Gruden’s name constantly comes up every time a coaching position comes up, but why Tennessee?  Just last week Gruden’s wife, Cindy, stated to a Vol’s beat editor “she would not mind moving back to the  home,” and as we all know the women run the home. Ha! Are You Serious?

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