Who remembers in elementary/grammar school when girls use to say “girls rule and boys drool?”  What about the NIKE commercial with Mia Hamm and Michael Jordan did the “Anything you can do, I can do better?”  I certainly remember the both of them, and this may be playing out in sports today, but you will not hear about it in the national news.  Emily Nash is a female golfer in Central Massachusetts who plays for Lunenburg High School.  Tuesday, Nash played in a Division 3 boys tournament and finished with a winning score of 75.  However, Nash did not receive her reward due to her being ineligible to participate in a boys state tournament. Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association Rules mandate girls are not allowed to have their individual scores counted toward entrance for the statewide events.

   After reading the Boston Herald edition, Nash told Sean Brennan and Jordan Frias, “It all kind of stinks, I am disappointed I didn’t get the trophy but that’s okay.  Even if I didn’t get the trophy everyone knows my score.  I feel like this has the potential to change something, if the higher-ups start noticing it too.”

  Nash would later to go on and talk about how she can not believe how much support she has gained from this and how much she loves the sport of golf.  She also stated that she hopes one day there is a rule change.  However, before we get too bent out of shape and say “girls should only play with girls” and get to political, the only way Nash could play golf for school (and all of the research I could find) she had no choice but to play against her male counterparts.  There is a reason there is a rule in the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association which prohibits the scores from counting.  It is because the girls only can play against the boys?  When I first took notice of the story my first thought was “would they do this to Billie Jean King”?  Give Nash the trophy… Are We Serious???

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