Why is it in sports, we will constantly criticize a superstar player for getting out of line during a game, and we do not hold others to the same standard?  This was evident this weekend in Memphis with Steph Curry after throwing his mouth piece at a referee.  Steph Curry over the last two years has been constantly gaining arrogance, game by game in his emergence in the NBA.  The question however would be, if Lebron were to do this, how much of an out roar would it be from the fans and the media?  Or let’s not say Lebron, would we allow anyone in sports currently get away with these kind of antics?

I could possibly understand if Steph Curry would have constantly been fouled during the game, and he was not getting any calls. However, he had already thirteen foul shot attempts and on the plays clearly did not get fouled.  Is it time for us to not give Steph a pass when he does these kind of outrages things? This is not the first time Curry has thrown his mouth piece during a game. The last time was when he hit Cleveland Cavaliers team owner Dan Gilbert’s son during the NBA Finals.

It is a mouth piece, and the chances of him hurting someone is not very likely. It is the act of him throwing a mouth piece at a referee after he was not fouled… Are You Serious???

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