After the game Saturday in Oxford, LSU has shown they are finally on a roll.  With all pun intended, will this team be able to stay on this roll when they go into Tuscaloosa to face the number one Rolling Tide of Alabama? Both teams control their own future in the SEC West in which Alabama is on top of ticket.


No one will, or is, going to give LSU a chance to win the game outright,  but there is one thing I would hold my hat on with LSU going into the bye week…  Matt Canada and Dave Aranda!  With two weeks until the huge matchup against Alabama, this will be where the two coordinators have to gain those big paychecks.  All LSU fans know how elite of a play caller Dave Aranda was one season ago in the game against Alabama with it being the toughest game for them other than Clemson.  Although Alabama routed Tennesee 45-7, the Crimson Tide looked sloppy on offense. With a healthy Arden Key and the young guys gaining experience week by week, the defense will be ready to go.


However, is the Matt Canada offense everyone wanted finally here?  Going against Alabama for any team is no small task, but Canada has faced the “impossible task” just last year when his offense took down the National Champion Clemson.  With the two running back system we observed against Ole Miss, the offense can be deadly if Danny Etling can stay as efficient as he has been. Etling is currently 17 in the nation in passing efficiency.  That’s right – Danny Etling!  It is very clear both teams will go into the game trying to stop the run, however which Quarterback will emerge?


In the last six games LSU played Alabama, there has not been mid game adjustments on the offensive side of the football.  You will see this now having Matt Canada calling the show on the offensive side, and he has shown he will not be stubborn and keep running into a brick wall.  Also, Matt Canada will not be alone in the film room; he will have a fifth year senior graduate student who has a plethora amount of time on his hands, who honestly, entire legacy will be on the line.


The game will be closer than the experts predict because one logical question is has Alabama played anyone with a winning record this season?  So I am sure their dominance should not come to anyone’s surprise.  LSU by far is clearly the most talented team they will have faced all season…. Are You Serious???


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